• S Service

    Design-build-service from start to finish.
    We work hand and hand with our team of draftsmen and architects making sure each and every plan works the way you envisioned it. We have hands on experience in pretty much every aspect of constructing your home, which ensures your home gets put together the right way, and you're getting the best quality home possible.

  • D Design

    We operate our own in house design service.
    Another recent addition to our home building service, we went in house with our interior design, literally. By working in house with our own on staff designer/selection coordinator, we are not only able to fine tune the intricacies in your home most other builders would overlook, but we're perfecting them. Instead of joining the crowd, we're creating our own brand of home, making each home as unique as you are.

  • P Plumbing

    We operate our own in house plumbing company.
    Started in 2012, Performance Plumbing Inc. began with one concept in mind, strength in numbers. By having our own in house plumbing company, we're taking an already strong home building business and making it stronger. Having an in house trade ensures you that the quality we are putting into our homes is getting passed on down the line time after time.



Although most of our business comes from new construction, we also do basement finishes, additions, decks, and anything else we can do for you to develop another relationship. Housing is an essential element of our way of life here in the United States. The positive effects of housing construction are far-reaching and long-lasting.

NHBB: Economic Benefits of New Home Construction